Bulk SMS Software – Professional sends group text messages from your PC using any USB modems, Android smart phones, GSM or Windows based mobiles. Software broadcast personal and business sms without using any internet connection.

Bulk SMS software for USB modem instantly sends unlimited text messages from your PC using USB modem. You can connect multiple number of USB modem with your PC to send unlimited text messages, notifications over worldwide.

Bulk SMS software (Multi device Edition) for GSM mobile phone sends notification and standard messages to your clients and customers via connecting multiple GSM mobiles. Software has inbuilt list wizard option to maintain list of contact numbers.

Mac Bulk SMS Software – Professional sends bulk text messages, meeting reminders, notifications from your Mac machine to mobile phone users without any internet connection. Software is able to skip duplicate number entries during sms sending.

Mac Bulk SMS Software for USB Modems sends standard messages as well as notifications from mac machine to national or international mobile phone networks. Software provides option to save sent message details that can be viewed later.

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